As the largest automobile market in the world, China has developed very rapidly in auto industry. For the advantage of cost & continuous rising quality of products, more and more buyers, investors and enterprises around the world pay more attention to the automobile, motorcycle & parts manufacturers in China. In order to satisfy the urgent demand for foreign buyers and enterprises, Query system for China automobile components & parts manufacturers is launched.

The query system is based on a large database which includes over 12,000 auto & parts suppliers in China. It is the best system for the domestic and foreign users in automotive industry to understand China auto & parts manufacturers. Foreign manufacturers as well as trading companies will find it particularly valuable in tracing automotive products from China.

The query system has the distinguishing features as follows:

Firstly, the query system offers the latest accurate information of China auto & parts manufacturers. As the authority’s query system, in course of information process, we adopted the combined way to make sure information, like enterprise filling form, telephone confirmation, Internet, ect. So it has high-degree of accuracy.

Secondly, many experts took part in the information process, which makes the query system efficiently. The query system is co-edited by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAEC), China National Automotive Industry International Corp. (CNAICO), China Auo News, and Shanghai Auto News. The product classification is professional authority.

Thirdly,in the query system, the content of each enterprise includes name, detail address, postcode, phone, fax, E-mail, website, certification, main products, OEM and exporting information etc.

Finally, the query system specially provides many kinds of professional series query methods, especially Query on Products & Query on OEM supplier. It will give more convenience for buyers to find the automobile & parts supplier in China.

Product query is especially recommended, which can give quick reference to buyers around the world. By the query system, you can find the OEM suppliers of China main automotive manufacturers. On the other hand, you can look for any auto & parts products, and also any kinds of manufacturers in China auto industry.

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